Cool, fun and educational websites

as of 4/22/2015 I have a huge, HUGE list of sites I'll be adding in over the next week or so. Lots of subjects,so make sure you check back soon!

As I've been planning unit studies I've discovered some pretty cool websites and we thought we'd share some of them...and as a bonus have a list saved so we remember them as well! We'll update as we find more! (last update April 22, 2015) I finally got most of the stuff listed by topics, but I'm sure I'll be "tweaking" it a little in the near future.

Our Homeschool you tube channel where you can see our "playlists" of interesting video's that go along with our unit studies and science club: please note, while I try and keep things family friendly and age appropriate , I highly suggest you preview anything on the youtube channel (not just ours!) before letting the kids watch it especially for the younger set. In some instances I find something I think will be educational but for kids a little older than mine but don't want to lose the link, so just as with everything, preview if your worried about any religious/secular issues.

With Earth day coming up soon, here's an interesting link for some activities. I haven't watched all of them, so you may want to preview if your worried about any content...

FREE listings:
I found this site with freebies listed, I have not yet ordered any so have not reviewed them. Please double check all the information before ordering 

 If your in Florida (they won't mail outside of FL) you might look into this link..

Needless to say I am NOT in Florida so I can't say how good the materials are, but it looks like a nice set of stuff for the kids K-12! Hope someone finds it helpful!

FREE Stuff in the mail: - FREE DVD's, Magazines, etc. SECULAR!! Discusses evolution, etc. So look thru the material well before ordering if you have issues with evolution/creation Tons of information, wonderful teachers resource guide etc. great way to come up with more experiments on Fertilizer vs. compost, etc. you could even do some row crop vs. square foot gardening, etc. LOTS of stuff to work with! - economics, finance, money etc. - Union pacific Railroad history/US Free coal kit

For those with kids in the 8th to 12th grade levels:
I am adding these links..HOWEVER, please note I have NOT seen the information/kits at all yet (they will not be shipped until school year 2014-2015 start so there is no way at this point (JULY) that I can preview before posting. So please look over the websites before ordering.. 

For those with kids up to 16(ish) years old
I am adding this link, and again I have NOT seen the information/kit at all yet so please review the information before ordering! 

Free sites


Cover's Multiple subjects -   While the site is a subscription base for schools, lots of free stuff as well! Home school buyers co-op had a special on purchasing the streaming plus as well as the Discovery Education Science until 8/31, not sure how often they do that but worth keeping an eye out. - free printables prek - k

Economics  - FREE activity book through the mail

Science - General - Water life cycle  - science for kids K-12 science fun stuff for the kids 

And for fun...Cryptozoology. A look at myth's and legends

Animals -  (includes habitat and exploring Nature info)  - Stuff for kids in Olympic National Park, Washington's Temperate Rainforest Rainforest

Oceans/marine science  - free printables




Human Body

Crime Scene Investigations 

Food/Gardening/nutrition Recipes from around the world Indian cooking


Unit studies (premade) - fun short unit sheets, in multiple subjects

Educational games -

 Awesome America Has some great pictures and information on each state.


Dinosaurs - - University of California Museum of Paleontology lots of fun and cool information!  Patagonia Argentina Dino info and other cool stuff! More cool dinosaur stuff

Solar system



Language Arts

Foreign Language/Sign Language - may be available through your library - also may be available through your library - large selection of languages - available for a fee online, or possibly free through library
French specific - - has a free trial to try before you buy. The girls really enjoyed it. Probably worth the $99 per year cost.
Spanish specific - FREE

Native American Heritage



Artists  - some of our favorites - and yes, some sites may contain nude paintings...



Ancient Egypt

World Cultures Book/Info for purchase. Tales from Australia and other countries


Info for sensory boxes: fun idea to keep the kids active

Paid sites
I'm trying out the free trials on both the science and the reading sites. The reading sites has some nice printouts etc. while I think we are more interested in the science site. The science site has some pretty cool video's some nice printable and some good lesson work.
This is a fun website, we get it through the online school but it is available as a subscription. The girls like it and find it educational, I do however think it's rather spendy. 
Both girls enjoy reading eggs. We get it through the online school as well as brain pop and Discovery Education. It is available on a subscription bases 6 month or a year at a time and you can often find discount codes through other sites such as the homeschool buyers co-op and a free trial on the reading eggs website.
Looks like a lot of fun, only $20 (at the time of this writing anyway) for a year subscription to the site.

Enchanted learning is a paid site but only $20 per year and has some neat fun stuff. they also have a lot of free pages so check them out. 

Apple Apps

Teachme: toddler  
Teachme: Kindergarten
Teachme: First grade
Teachme: second grade

We've used the Teachme Kindergarten and first grade and will add in second as well. The girls find them fun, and will play them for a long time on their own. covers spelling, math and sight words.

Spelling city

We've started using this, you can go online and make your own word lists and download them for the kids to work on. Turns your list into hangman, word scramble, fill in the missing letter, and practice lists and tests.