Visiting Oregon? Suggestions and fun facts...


While doing all our penpal and postcard swaps we have discovered lots about our own state. Each batch of postcards we send out gets a couple of fun facts about Oregon.

Batch #1 -
Did you know?

Oregon is the only state to have a two sided flag, an official state nut (hazelnut) and is home to the deepest lake (crater lake) in the U.S.

Batch #2 -
Did you know?

The Oregon Trail was the longest overland route during the westward expansion at nearly 2000 miles.

The Sea Lion Caves discovered near Florence OR in 1880 is the largest sea cave in the world.

Batch #3 -
Did you know?

Mt Hood, a dormant volcano, is the highest peak in Oregon at 11,239 ft. (Oregon is home to 19 volcano's!!) * an interesting fact, not included in the post cards is..Alaska is the only U.S. state with more Volcano's than Oregon and Three of Oregon's volcano's are on the 10 most dangerous Volcano's in the U.S.

In Myrtle Creek Oregon it is against the law to box with a Kangaroo

Batch #4 -
Did you know?

Oregon has 9 lighthouses 5 of which are still in use. The other 4 are designated historic monuments.

The largest state park is Silver Falls at 9000 acres. Silver falls has 10 waterfalls and more than 25 miles of multi-use trails.

Batch #5 - TBA

If your Traveling through Oregon - Here are some highlights and hidden gems in different area's of the state...

NorthWest Area -

Hiking - Niagara Falls - a hidden gem. A wonderful short hike that's family friendly and has a couple of waterfalls in a punch bowl formation. Picnic table for a nice lunch as well. It's on the backroads so might be hard to reach if your driving an R.V. but if your at one of the close by state parks camping out and have a vehicle to use, this is a fun find.

Nehalem Bay State Park - fun state park to stay at and just over a couple of dunes to the beach. Nice area to fly some kites!

For the History Buffs - If your passing by Fort Yamhill along Hwy 18 make sure to stop by! Has wonderful information about the Fort (no longer there) and the relations between the soldiers and the Native Americans. The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde are in the process of developing a museum in the area, but I'm not sure when it will open. Make sure you check if it's available yet...

While not off the beaten path, if your in Portland and want to see some great scenery - head west along the old highway (now the designated "scenic" drive) It starts just outside Troutdale and heads west until right past Multnomah Falls . Warning!! This is a narrow road with lots of Mountain driving, If your not sure about driving an RV through it, it can be done, but I won't be responsible for the words that may or may not come out of your mouth while doing so ;). The drive includes the famous overlook, lots of wonderful waterfalls (some with only a mild easy walk, others are a good hike!), Beautiful views.

Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge  outside Sherwood Oregon is worth a stop if your in the area. Beautiful set up, has a pair of Eagles that you can watch from inside the building (or outside on a walk weather permitting, usually more of a problem in the winter months). Nice walk, LOTS of birds check out their website!

Salem  -

State Capital and a nice city to visit. Some of the surrounding area's have some great fun things to do!

Oregon Gardens - Beautiful place to visit and also has  Frank Lloyd Wright's Gordon House for those who like to see his work. Plan on staying a while! Also has a fun children's garden for the younger set.

Silver Falls State Park - A beautiful place to visit and take a nice hike. LOTS of waterfalls to visit as well!

Central  -
Lava tubes, Lava beds, Lava cast forest - Lots aLava 'bout Bend Oregon!

Bend Area - Another really cool looking place (recommended by a friend)  is Fort Rock. Check out their points of interests and pictures! Looks AMAZING! Another really good stop point for the history buff's!

Metolius River and Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery Outside Sister's Oregon - Small fish hatchery outside Camp Sherman. Great little visit, hike along the river, and see their BLUE trout. Yep, Blue... Here's a fun little read on the area...

The Painted Hills, Fossil...  And there are caves you can visit near Bend.

Scenic drive - There's a beautiful drive from Bend Oregon North to The Dalles via 97 and 197 that just begs you to pull over for some wonderful photo ops!

Belknap Hotsprings is a cool place with their Secret Garden.. if you can find it... :)

South -

Crater Lake,

Oregon Caves - Lots of fun! Warning! narrow road heading up to the caves, but it's worth the trip!

Wildlife Safari - Where the only animals in a cage...are you. Animals roam free while you drive through the park in your car. Don't stop long however, as your likely to have a lion sit on your car.

If your taking 101 along the coast there are lots of neat little places to stop off. Bandon has a fun little stop for those kids who like to see some fun animals up close and personal.

Also along 101..Watch for Dinosaurs..

Outside cave junction for a really fun adventure try sleeping in a tree house!! If your up for even more adventure try their Ziplines as well!!

Something not to be missed for the summer: Shakespeare Fest! Always a wonderful time, and the acting is top notch!!

The Oregon Vortex/house of mystery in Gold Hill - Check out the Scientific info section to read about some fun stuff to try while there!

Eastern Oregon

For the History buffs - if your traveling through Baker city stop by the Oregon Trails Interpretive Center - Lots of fun, interesting stuff!

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