Sunday, April 26, 2015

Music Recital today!

The girls had a music recital at one of the coffee shops today and they both did great!
Arianna was first up and played two short songs she had pretty much memorized instead of some of the newer stuff she's been working on.

Kaitlyn was up next with her teacher Luke..

We then found out that the shop has open mic. once a month and the girls are interested in doing that as well!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Farm Visit

We had a short farm visit Thursday and had a lot of fun!
Dominic of course was fascinated by the small tractor! Kaitlyn tried her hand in the drivers seat, and said it reminded her of the go kart trying to get in/out.

While we all had fun petting goats.

It was a nice hour or so visit up the road and then it was home to make a birthday cake and dinner for Daddy! The girls had a great time making the cake! Today (Friday) is a day of cleaning and getting stuff put together.  Another busy and fun week ahead next week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's about TIME!! GO KARTING!!

We got the word this morning! She was good to go to the track and give it a go this evening!

  When we first arrived we meet with Smark Family Racing and learned a little about the carts, what she would need to wear for races, we watched their 9 year old go around the track a few times and then it was time for Kaitlyn to say "yes" or "no" to trying it out!
Guess what she said! LOL. She stood at the trailer while they found stuff for her to wear on the ride.
Then I stood back and let the experts handle everything! First was getting suited up!

Then it was checking to see how the peddle extensions where for her..
and then it was out to the track!
She did a couple of little oval laps, then started feeling a little braver and picked up some speed, got a little nervous and went off the track a tiny bit. They got her back on the track and back in the cart and she was ready to go some more! After another small run it was out to the full track and see how she did! She did really good for her first time! She took it slow the first couple of laps had an issue with one corner and went off the track just a tiny bit (enough to get stuck) and after a little bit of help she was going again!
She had a blast!
She talked about it all the way home (even thru the fast stop at the store!). Now of course Arianna thinks she would like to give it a try as well! So we said we'd see about meeting up again and getting Arianna a chance to give it a try! All in all a very FUN day for the kids!

CERT Training

I've started training with our local CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and it's been SUPER interesting!

Here my partner and I are putting out a "small fire" (I'm the one to the far right). We were the first to go last night and I'm happy to say we did NOT become an example of what NOT to do! This was our 4th class, so we are half we to completion with some very interesting classes coming up. The kids are even learning a lot from me taking the class and they are doing great with planning ahead, putting together an emergency 72 hour kit for each of them and discussing evacuation routes out of the house, where to meet up, what if we have to travel out of the area and meet up with Dad somewhere out of town, fire hazards around the house and putting things up! They are also looking forward to being victims on the next "victim day" training. The current crew will get to "rescue" them!

Even if you don't volunteer for the team, the training is free and has been very interesting and eye opening! I highly recommend doing the class (and volunteering for the teams)!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Like a fish to water!

Today was THE day. The first day for Kayaking!
 We drove to Hagg Lake and meet up with a friend and her two kids. First of all was a short hike (possibly one of the shortest in history).

Then it was a fast lunch.
And then it was TIME! We had 4 inflatable kayaks. 2 double, 2 singles. It took a little while to get everything put together (but not as long as you'd think!).
Then is was time to put them in...and the kids took to it like a fish takes to water! For two kids who have never kayaked before they were in them and gone before you could say Hi. Yes, that fast. No going around in circles, no hesitation at all! They just hopped in and went for it. In less than 10 minutes they'd learned to go forwards, backwards, turn, and stop! Dominic even hopped into the front seat of our double leaned back grabbed a paddle and tried it out. He actually would have had great form if he'd been just a bit taller! A few minutes later he let me have the paddle back and sat back for the ride! He did great (he even managed a nap in the kayak!).  Arianna discovered a little area that was great fun and all the kids ended up playing on the bank of what they called "the island" and took turns jumping in the water! Yes, they even managed to go swimming today! I couldn't believe how nice it was and the water in the area was shallow enough that it was fairly warm!
What I thought was going to be just a couple of hours at the lake turned into an all day thing! Didn't leave until 4:00. The kids are already planning another trip back in just a couple of days! They LOVED the Kayaks and playing! So I might have to think about a season pass for the lake!
Here's a picture of the kids (Arianna riding on the double with friends while Ella and Kaitlyn check out the singles. Dominic decided that he was ready for some playing and throwing rocks so we took a short break.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


The girls spent a little while this morning at Lowe's doing their build and grow Saturday.
They got goggles, a work apron, their build kit and picked up a hammer and went to work!

Arianna got the hang of it a little faster than Kaitlyn, but both did a great job!

And when they were all done they got a certificate, an iron on reward badge and a lot of enthusiasm for more projects!

They both picked up a race car kit to make at home for baby brother and picked up two small hammers for their new tool boxes :)
Dominic of course was THRILLED with the race cars! He love anything with wheels!
In fact he got his first tractor this week as well thanks to the girls and the Easter money he found! Kaitlyn bought a watch and Arianna bought a few small gem rocks and a dinosaur sticker book. It's been a busy week and LOTS of fun!

A day of adventure!

The kids and I headed down to Salem to investigate Minto Brown Island Park with some other homeschoolers. Since I knew we were going to be a bit early I said we'd meet up at the playground.
The kids had a great time and had a chance to get rid of some of the excess energy.

Once everyone else showed up it was time for adventure! Arianna scouted ahead for us and found lots of great stuff like: ladybugs, birds, animal tracks, and dogs.

We decided to walk around Oxbow Slough. Thru the field

 And back into the wooded area where Arianna did a great job finding animal tracks (deer, raccoon, dog and  people)
and a snail.
Then it was skipping rocks, or just throwing rocks into the Willamette river.

We met a couple of new faces and met up with some friends as well. The girls said it was the best day of adventuring ever! They LOVED their new Binoculars!