Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dirty fun, a play, a historical visit, victim day, a UFO, Dutch AND French... and fencing..

in other words a week in review!
We had science class and tried to catch some crawdads (which we would then release back into the stream) but although the kids had a great time trying to find them and then catch them, they didn't have much luck! We started out at the local creek with just the kids before our friends arrived...

Then once the rest of our friends arrived it was on to the crawdad part!

Not a lot of success but it was a lot of dirty fun!

After that it was over for a fun snack and ice cream!
Later in the week it was over to the Children's Theater in Portland for a play "the Little Mermaid" which of course was interesting but much different than the movie and was the kids first time seeing an on stage play!
The kids enjoyed it, even Dominic was pretty happy to sit and watch it.
Lots of music and dancing. Of course once the kids were done and heading out to the car it was "Mom, it was a good play...but they messed the movie all up!" Oh well. got a fast lunch and headed to our next stop...Fort Yamhill! We met up with another friend and her kids (who are wonderful!) and had fun walking around the old fort site and discovering little tidbits of interesting information from pages of the soldiers diary they had placed around the area to get a feel for what it must have been like!

 We even found some of these in a small section of the grounds!

After that it was a day off (well kind of) before more craziness! We did have a Dutch skype lesson and a French skype lesson before....

Victim day!

Since I got to be a rescuer this time instead of just observing I didn't get many pictures but had to get a couple from our fearless leader Wendy of our friends who as always do things with "style"! I love these kids!
As soon as we were done doing the rescuing it was home, lunch and then Dad took the girls to see the UFO parade while mom put Dominic down for a short nap and  got a chance to relax for a little while.
The next day it was out for fencing...

No! Not that fencing! This kind...

And this...

and this...
and then Dad had to get in on the action!
Arianna (and even Dominic) seem to have inherited Dad's love of knives, swords etc. and were so excited to be there! Kaitlyn thought it was "okay" but Arianna was literally vibrating with energy and happiness! So what do we do? Sign her up for lessons of course~! She starts lessons in just a couple of weeks! She is so excited about it!

I finished my CERT classes and am kind of sad to be done with them! So much interesting information! The class was a lot of fun! The girls of course found out that I had passed everything and had to give me high fives. What a week!

This week its all kinds of chores at home! Then it's time to hit the ground running again!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rough start to the week..

Yep, we got hit by a Monday..I really hate Mondays!

I had our youngest wake up at 2:30 and play until 4:30, just in time for a nap, which of course means we overslept. We were late leaving the house, I couldn't get permission slips for the group to print nor could I get it to download to my phone to take to Staples and print, So I asked a friend to print them, and she ran out of ink and had to stop at staples which of course made her late as well! Then we got lost on the way to the fieldtrip, got behind an accident clean up, by the time we did get where we were going everyone had already headed out on a hike. So once our friends got there we headed out somewhere else to relax for a bit on the way home. We headed to the wildlife refuge and walked the seasonal path that is only open May to October and I'm so glad we did! What a nice little hike!
It was overcast on and off. Occasionally the sun would come out and warm things up a lot so by the time we were heading back everyone had gotten down to t-shirts.

 We checked out the eagle nest but didn't really see much.

All the kids had a great time and Dominic was pretty determined to keep up with them most of the time! Doesn't he look determined! It's a little blurry as it was a Oh, man grab the camera and snap a picture quick type photo..

Then since he'd had such a great time playing all night Sunday night, he decided a second night might be worth it! Up at 3:30, but I got him to lay quietly in bed with me for an hour before he was ready to get up. He finally went to take a nap around 7:15 but I only got about 1/2 an hour in. Hope I have enough coffee to keep me all day! I'm really wanting to hit a reset button on the whole week!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Today's fun? A step back in time...

Lords and Ladies, knights and pirates! Not to mention a lot of fun!!

The kids started off by picking up their friend J from his mom's booth and heading to the exhibits!
First stop was a game of chess...
Not sure who (if anyone) won the game! But they had fun! Arianna decided to check out some other games while Kaitlyn decided to look at the clothes!

Then it was off to discover other fun stuff!

Then finally a stop for a bite to eat and drinks before playing!
(one of those really rare photo's of the hubby!)

Then the kids decided to try a fun activity...

It was a LOT of fun and the kids think they'd like to visit another one over the summer. Arianna enjoyed the sword fights and wants to see more!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Music Recital today!

The girls had a music recital at one of the coffee shops today and they both did great!
Arianna was first up and played two short songs she had pretty much memorized instead of some of the newer stuff she's been working on.

Kaitlyn was up next with her teacher Luke..

We then found out that the shop has open mic. once a month and the girls are interested in doing that as well!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Farm Visit

We had a short farm visit Thursday and had a lot of fun!
Dominic of course was fascinated by the small tractor! Kaitlyn tried her hand in the drivers seat, and said it reminded her of the go kart trying to get in/out.

While we all had fun petting goats.

It was a nice hour or so visit up the road and then it was home to make a birthday cake and dinner for Daddy! The girls had a great time making the cake! Today (Friday) is a day of cleaning and getting stuff put together.  Another busy and fun week ahead next week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's about TIME!! GO KARTING!!

We got the word this morning! She was good to go to the track and give it a go this evening!

  When we first arrived we meet with Smark Family Racing and learned a little about the carts, what she would need to wear for races, we watched their 9 year old go around the track a few times and then it was time for Kaitlyn to say "yes" or "no" to trying it out!
Guess what she said! LOL. She stood at the trailer while they found stuff for her to wear on the ride.
Then I stood back and let the experts handle everything! First was getting suited up!

Then it was checking to see how the peddle extensions where for her..
and then it was out to the track!
She did a couple of little oval laps, then started feeling a little braver and picked up some speed, got a little nervous and went off the track a tiny bit. They got her back on the track and back in the cart and she was ready to go some more! After another small run it was out to the full track and see how she did! She did really good for her first time! She took it slow the first couple of laps had an issue with one corner and went off the track just a tiny bit (enough to get stuck) and after a little bit of help she was going again!
She had a blast!
She talked about it all the way home (even thru the fast stop at the store!). Now of course Arianna thinks she would like to give it a try as well! So we said we'd see about meeting up again and getting Arianna a chance to give it a try! All in all a very FUN day for the kids!

CERT Training

I've started training with our local CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and it's been SUPER interesting!

Here my partner and I are putting out a "small fire" (I'm the one to the far right). We were the first to go last night and I'm happy to say we did NOT become an example of what NOT to do! This was our 4th class, so we are half we to completion with some very interesting classes coming up. The kids are even learning a lot from me taking the class and they are doing great with planning ahead, putting together an emergency 72 hour kit for each of them and discussing evacuation routes out of the house, where to meet up, what if we have to travel out of the area and meet up with Dad somewhere out of town, fire hazards around the house and putting things up! They are also looking forward to being victims on the next "victim day" training. The current crew will get to "rescue" them!

Even if you don't volunteer for the team, the training is free and has been very interesting and eye opening! I highly recommend doing the class (and volunteering for the teams)!