Friday, November 14, 2014

Our crazy life...

We've had an interesting time this last week or so and while I share stuff a LOT on facebook about what we have going on...I thought I'd share some of our posts on FB from this last week...

Just got back from entertaining Lowe's customers and employees with the girls. I guess most kids aren't talking about sticking wood into bodies, color explosion rooms, "mad" science labs, and building padded least after Halloween....

  One lady was in stitches and complimented (maybe?) me on "very expressive girls"
 On Pinterest and can't help but wonder how did I - miss anti-craft, no-talent for art, doesn't try to be fashionable person.....end up with an artistic kid who wants to learn fashion and Paris?

 Me "what are you guys doing?"
Arianna "I'm telling Kaitlyn a story"
Arianna "about the girl who killed her older sister."
Well, okay then. Somebody ticked off her younger sister...

I give up...ALL these years trying to convince people that "perfectly normal" people "like us" homeschool...We are NOT normal..My kids are NOT normal...Be GLAD I homeschool so your kids and their teachers don't have to put up with my kids :)  I love them dearly...there is just no way this can be considered "normal". LOL. I think I'm going to bed early...REALLY early...
 And once again we have "entertained" the customers...this time at Joann's fabric. Kaitlyn was taking the opportunity to look at "stuff" for her sewing projects...Arianna however was looking at the same stuff..sewing baskets as it turns out aren't just for sewing...Arianna wants one to carry and I quote" blood samples, my tall looking thing (I'm assuming microscope here), chemicals, beakers, vials and stuff. Then I can take the stuff with me when I have to go somewhere...and blow stuff up." Luckily I know she means mix stuff and watch chemical reactions and not actually blow things up.....I hope ;)


Of course my husband does wonder when we will have FBI coming past the house to check up on Arianna's "blow things up" statements...I only wonder if I should keep the coffee on for them ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Science club/DIY: osmosis

We are working towards our Biology badge and have two experiments. Osmosis with food and capillary action today for the first two challenges.

We are basically doing this experiment...

I put together instructions and questions for the kids as a basic idea since the age and ability range for the kids are so different.

Osmosis with Food Experiment for Biology badge 

Osmosis: The spontaneous net movement of solvent molecules through a partially permeable membrane into a region of higher solute concentration, in the direction that tends to equalize the solute concentrations on the two sides. 

Equipment - supplies needed
One egg
Light corn syrup Blue food coloring

Distilled water 
Red food coloring 
kitchen scale in grams

Day one
Put raw solid egg in container and add vinegar. Vinegar is a light acid the vinegar will dissolve the calcium carbonate of the shell and leave us with a shell less egg. It will take approx. 24 hours although I have seen it take a little longer. 

Day two –
Remove egg from vinegar and very gently rinse it off. Weigh egg on a kitchen scale and record the weight 

Beginning weight of egg _________________

Add several drop of blue food coloring to light corn syrup. Add Egg to syrup mixture

What do you think will happen to the egg? Why? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
After 24 hours check the egg. Carefully remove egg from the colored syrup.
What happened to the egg? Is it bigger? Smaller? Did it stay the same?
Has the egg changed color? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Reweigh egg ______________________
What is the difference if any from the beginning weight _________________________________

After observing the egg and any changes add egg to a container containing distilled water and several drops of red food coloring.
What do you think will happen? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Wait 24 hours and recheck egg.
Has the egg gained, lost or kept the same mass? Did it change color? Why or why not? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Reweigh egg _____________________________
What, if any, is difference between this weight and the prior weight check? _______________________
Place egg in container with light untinted syrup.
What do you think will happen? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Wait 24 hours and recheck egg. Before removing egg from syrup do you notice any changes?
What changes, if any, do you see in the egg? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Reweigh egg __________________ 

Place egg in distilled water with blue food coloring added.

What do you think will happen? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Wait 24 hours and remove egg from water...
What changes, if any, do you see in the egg? Did it change color? Why or why not? Did it change size? Why or why not?
Final egg weight _____________________________
What is the total change, if any, from the beginning weight______________________

Place egg in empty container and gently break open. What color is the inside of the egg? ________________________________________ 


We are having a  lot of fun with the experiment! We still have the last step todo tomorrow...
the first night (blue egg) the egg lost lots of volume (it lost 50g overnight!) the next day we added in the red food coloring and it actually gained everything back and then some! (it went up to 85g from the original 75g so a 10g gain!)

  Today we put it into the final light syrup stage and final step tomorrow which means Saturday we finish up the experiment. 
Today the kids started off with some drawing...
The kids took turns and read to me and then I read to them. We are about to start the chapter about the sorting hat in Harry Potter. They can't wait to see the movie they think it'll be awesome. Music practice is done for today and Kaitlyn has discovered she needs her own high stool and artist table...

 Dominic sat and looked thru a book with me and I need to run errands (as usual). The girls are making dinner tonight (Shoarma) they can't wait to get started!

Monday, November 10, 2014

And DONE!!

Well, except for the base...but everything else is pretty much done...

We bought one of the small green florists circles for the neck and attached when we were done with the filling. Final total...under $25.00. just under 2 rolls of duct tape, 3 cans of filling (4.00 each) and a dollar for the neck. the wood was about 2.59 and the base we already had at home. If we had purchased the wood we would be about $27 total. That total is with untreated wood (no sealer) we may prime and paint the bottom as Kaitlyn thinks it might look better which would add in another 10 total between primer and paint. She's very proud of her project and can't wait to get started on the sewing!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Working on the body..

Yes, we are still working on the body for the dress form. We bought the leg inserts and foam for the body and are working from the bottom up to get the body finished.

We've gotten about 3/4 of it done and filled. We have to wait at least overnight for it to cure and finish drying before we add in more to finish out the top of the torso and tape and fill the arms.
While we were waiting for the drying process on the leg section Kaitlyn got some other chores done for the sewing area she wants. She went thru and found all the material she could find...
sorted thru patterns.
looked thru the only 2 books I have for sewing and embroidery..

Picked out the colors for her sewing area...
and both girls picked out the new bedroom paint color and accent colors....
We picked up the Wild Geranium today since we needed more of that and the other two colors will just be small cans for accents etc. around their room. I've been slowly going thru Josh's old room and getting things moved, packed etc. for the stuff he couldn't take with him this time. Then it'll be moving everything else out and get the girls in there so we can strip their room, prime, paint and get on to the rest of their  room.
All this and a sick baby! Yep, poor Dominic caught a cold! He's doing better but has had a few rough days. We also have DIY club on Tuesday so we got the experiment stuff pulled, and started for the prep work. They also have a musical recital coming up so they've been working on their music for it. Going to be a very busy couple of months!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's a wrap!!

Since Kaitlyn wants to do the whole Fashion and Design thing in Paris. She wanted something to use as a dress form. Those are pretty expensive so we decided to do our own. First we found an old set of clothes for her that we didn't mind cutting up...

Then we started wrapping her in tape..

We used one roll of Tape for the body wrap..

Once she was wrapped from top to bottom (or capri pant leg length) We used small bandage scissors to cut her out of them...
The old clothes stick to the inside of the tape so you don't have to worry about the tape folding in and sticking to the other side. Then we started stuffing in with old clothes that would have been tossed or turned into rags (to many holes/stains/etc. to donate). then carefully started taping the cut ends together while we worked from the bottom of the legs to the top...Once it's completed we'll post some more of what we did and how we did it.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween fun!!

We were invited to a Halloween party and trick or treating with some friends so the girls decided to do something "different" this year than the normal "princess" type dress up they've been doing...
Kaitlyn decided to be her favorite character out of Scooby Doo...Daphne
 Arianna decided to go with "Maddy the Mad Hatters daughter"
And Dominic went as "Domzilla"
The kids made Mummy dogs for dinner, along with jello brains and heart. They had batwings (black chips) with dip, Spider cider to drink (sprite) and lots of FUN!
They did get rather mummified...

 After playing for awhile it was time to go trick or treat. We did feel rather safe walking with our Ninja girl
and well protected with this guy around...
We also had a cute as a button Minnie mouse, and in case we all needed a fast get away Alien Dude...
Dominic went to the first couple of houses with the kids and then got put into the stroller as he wanted to walk every which way BUT the same direction as everyone else! Lucky for him, his sisters love him. At every door they trick or treated they always asked for "one more for Dominic". By the end of the night 3 kids were doing the "one more for Dominic" battle cry. Dominic came home with just as much candy as the big kids...which means Mommy and Daddy get a few treats as well!
After trick or treating it was back to the house for a fast snack, a game of bobbing for apples, bingo for cupcakes and find the party hats for prizes!
We all had a WONDERFUL time!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Trying to find "THAT" book.

You know, "THAT" book! The one that will get the kids so interested in reading they'll really want to start doing it more and more...My oldest (the one that's turning 21 WAY to soon) hated reading for YEARS. It was torture not just for him, but for me as well to try and get him to pick up a book! He was something like 11 before he really got into reading and then he just took off! Read every single one of the Lemony Snickets "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Every single one! So with the girls taking after him some what in the reluctant reader category I decided to try and find something, ANYTHING, that might tempt them to read more...I've tried this book and that book. They found a few they really like for instance..
A book about a very special fish who does marvelous things, until we wishes he was just like all the other fish..
And this one they thought was cute...
About a frog who does princely deeds and at the end is rewarded with his own little castle..
But trying to find a chapter book has been hard. Nothing sounded good to them. We've tried a few that I think they WILL like when they are a bit older but was a bit to hard for them right now. I thought about doing The Little House series with them, but they didn't seem to interested in it. So I went thru some of Josh's old books and found the Harry Potter series. They hadn't heard of Harry Potter so I told them just a tiny bit. They seemed interested enough to give it a try. We've finished the first 3 chapters now and they are excited to start number four tomorrow! I'm not sure how long it will last but hopefully it will keep them excited enough that they'll decide reading CAN BE FUN! They are at least picking up books and trying to read them more and more..With us sitting down each night to read a few pages (or a whole chapter!) I'm hoping they'll fall into the habit of reading each night on their own. Right now we do it as "circle" time. I sit one one bench the girls each have their own bench (and yes, for Ari it is a bit hard to sit still for long so she tries as long as she can then moves a bit while still staying close enough to hear it) even Dominic will pull himself up on a bench and sit to listen. Maybe, just MAYBE he'll be the one that loves reading right off the bat! One can always hope!