Thursday, October 22, 2015


I was asked if I found homeschooling easier than public some regards yes. I don't have to have them up super early and out the door super early. I don't have to do the pick up, parent/teacher conferences, fill out a lot of paper work, etc. but that just means I have to do everything..but at least it's more or less on our own schedule.
Are the kids always easy to deal that's a given. Nobody is ALWAYS easy to deal with..and when one or more of your kids is not your typical kid. When your dealing with ADHD, LD's, Special needs, or any number or other things, each day has its own little challenges..Somedays are better than others..
Do I get time to myself...sometimes. I'm lucky enough to have a great friend who also homeschools her children and we sometimes take turns having each others kids over for a night...or two...or three....when we DO need breaks. I do try and get up before the kids in the mornings so I have a breather before starting the's my "coffee and quiet" time..I like to have some time in the evenings as well and generally send the kids off to bed so I can wind down as well.
Do I ever want to send them to public in today was horrid and why do I even do this? No. Do I want to send them to Public school if they want to go in? Possibly. If they know what they are getting into, and have thought out the pro's and con's and have an idea of WHY they want to go to public school vs. homeschooling  or schooling at home (public online school, charter schools etc.)
Will I homeschool thru high school? I have no idea. If they are fairly self motivated and have interests they want to pursue and are wanting to stay in a homeschooling or schooling at home environment I have no problem with that.
Do you expect your kids to go to college or university? Well, pretty much! Although if they want to do a trade school etc. that is fine as well! I do not expect them to stop with just a high school diploma.
What about socialization? Well, that's a fairly typical question of all homeschoolers. We have groups, clubs, fieldtrips yes, they get LOTS of socialization.
I would say those are the most typical questions I get all the time...along you LIKE homeschooling? And YES, we like homeschooling...