Wednesday, March 2, 2016

it's been awhile...updates

We've had a lot going on. We are getting closer to our trip to visit Omi and Opa so that's taking up some time and energy. The kids are starting to work on their idea's for video's while we are gone and are wanting to do an updated and "new" version of their blog so I am slowly working on that with them as well. Then we had to put our dog down due to advanced stage lymphoma. The kids dealt with it pretty good. There were some tears and occasionally they get sad and talk about him. We are also trying to get caught up with other things and ended up getting 13 new baby chickens that a friend is hosting while they get their feathers in and can go out into the coop. We are down to 4 of our old ones and they are all over 3 years old now and probably won't be around to much longer. So we are working on taking down the chicken run and redoing it (hopefully will have everything ready before the new chickens come home).

We had some fun the last couple of weeks as well while having to traveling to Dr. appointments. The weather was pretty nice so we were able to go for a couple of short walks they discovered a few interesting looking mushrooms and saw a snake.

Then there was picking out our chicks and taking them to a friends house until they are ready for us..

They got to play with the baby sheep, see a newt, catch a frog, swing on the rope swing, pet a bunny and for Dominic it was a great day to find all of his friend Fred's trucks! Thanks Fred!
We had friends come and stay a week with us as well as having Omi and Opa visit in January. It's been a crazy year so far. The kids are all excited about the upcoming trip and have been figuring out where everyone wants to go. The list is getting pretty long! 
Anyway wanted to get people updated since it's been a while. I'll have lots coming up soon, and then our trip before to long as well!