Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Mommy let us play with the floor blocks and we came up with lots of fun things to do with them.  We came up with lots of triangles! Then daddy built us a new board for the schoolroom so we can put up our murals (mommy says the poster board was warped and that is why it kept popping off the wall).  The new board is also a dry erase board so we have an area we can draw on too! Mommy let us decorate the room as well. We have posters with the abc's and 123's and cut outs with monkey's, tigers, elephants, clowns, stars, and birthday cakes! We love the "discover your world" banner with the Butterflies!
We do lots of things in our room...
 We work in our workbooks.

We find letters on our posters.
We do arts and crafts. (and drink slushies).
Then on Halloween we got to dress up and go trick or treating with big brother and his friends.

We had a fun time and got lots of candy! Then mommy took the candy away from us and hide it because we kept getting into it even though mommy told us to leave the candy alone or we would get sick because we were eating so much! I (Kaitlyn) hid some behind my bed but mommy found it. She finds candy good! Arianna thinks she likes suckers but she really doesn't. She keeps taking one, then takes a couple of licks and then throws them away! We both like the chocolate though! Today we get more school. Mommy has a rule that if big brother goes to school that day than we go to school too. Sometimes we make her do school when big brother is home though because we really like it!