Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our zoo field trip...

A day at the zoo....

We made it! We arrived just after opening and had the place almost to ourselves! It was amazing how quiet the zoo was this morning. The threat of rain must have kept them away. Which was great for us. We got to run around and see all the sites. We were disappointed that the black bears, the tigers and the cheetah's weren't available for viewing today. We did get to see some of our other favorites though, and made a few new favorites as well.
We watched the cougars play for awhile (it's on video so I'll have to post it later). Then it was on to the Polar bears!
Guess this is the "polar bear days of fall" instead of the dog days of summer. LOL. Both bears were resting this one just next to the window so the girls could see him right up close. The girls were pretty impressed with how big they are!
Then came the elephants! Arianna just LOVES the elephants and we've been watching this little guy grow up!
Now, he may not look "little" anymore, but he's still the baby of the herd. Here's a picture from October 2008...
How much he's grown in just three years!
We took a fast walk through the elephant museum there as well.

The girls had fun playing on the elephant tricycle! They did decide it was much to big for them. Imagine that! LOL. After the elephants it was off to visit the lion pride. Talk about just hanging out!

Doesn't this guy look like he could charge at you any moment?
Then on to some new friends..As many times as we've been to the zoo this was our first trip to see these guys...

The girls had a lot of fun "feeding" the birds their "juice". We will be visiting again the next time! All in all we had a great day, the rain held off until we were leaving and then it only sprinkled for a minute or two. We headed over to Costco and got cheap lunch for all of us, then hit the sales at REI and bought me a pair of running shoes. Can't beat the 20% off sales price!