Monday, November 14, 2011


Mommy has LOTS of projects for us! Daddy and Mommy bought a printer for us and we are so excited that we can print out things off the computer now! We ask mommy all the time "can we print something" but mommy says once the new computer desk/table is done and we won't accidentally knock it over we can print. Until then we have other projects! Mommy started painting on the new mural with zoo animals so we get to color and cut out fun stuff! Then we are doing projects for Christmas as well. Mommy showed us how to make pretend candy canes using pipe cleaners to hang on the tree. She says she has more projects but needs to pick up some stuff at the dollar store (Mommy LOVES the dollar store).
Daddy started working on our "bench" to sit in front of the computer table instead of the dinning room chair. We end up pushing each other off the chair and fighting over it, so daddy is making a bench big enough for 3 kids to sit on at the same time! That way our friend Bronwyn can sit with us to watch movies and cartoons and we won't have to fight over who gets to sit next to her!
Mommy made daddy put up rope lights in the school room over the weekend and we love it! It's kind of like having Christmas lights on all year round! After that daddy sat and worked on Dutch lesson's with us. We also did lots of painting and Kaitlyn has decided she wants to be an author/artist when she grows up! She wants to write and illustrate books. She says she needs LOTS of practice so we need to buy her more notebooks and pencils so she can write and draw no matter where she goes!
Kaitlyn and Arianna have decided they are omnivores. Kaitlyn however says she is a carnivore because she doesn't like to eat plants (fruits and veggies. lol), but figures she will be an omnivore and leave her options open. She figures since she does like peaches and oranges she might decide she likes other things as well. Arianna says she is an omnivore because she likes meats and lots of fruits and veggies. Bears are omnivores too. Lions are carnivores though. Just so you know.