Saturday, February 4, 2012

A rocky start to February...

Yep just a little rough start. Kids went in for their shots on Wed. where I specifically asked about one particular shot that the "playschool" said we HAD to have or she wouldn't be able to continue schooling until she had it. The Dr. looked and said, nope she's good on that, but she does need these other two shots...Only to find out that she DID need that shot. So back to the Dr. on Friday for one stupid shot. She was NOT happy about that. Fortunately daddy was able to go with us so he went in with her and I kept the other one happy in the front room. Having both kids in the same room while getting shots ended up badly. So from now on only one in the room when shots are on the menu.
We've also decided mommy's an impatient woman when it comes to getting the new school books. We ordered on Monday and they haven't arrived yet. We did find out they are at least now in our post office so hopefully they are delivered today or on Monday. Yeah, did we mention Mommy's impatient??
We did do some bike riding and running and playing tag this week since the weather has been so nice and this weekend is supposed to be great as well so lots of outdoor stuff to get some energy gone for all of us.