Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's back to school daze..

Yes, I know it should be days, however after all the testing the girls have done the last few days to see where they would fit in a public school system they are walking around in a daze! We thought (and are still thinking) about doing an online public school to supplement what we are doing at home. So we started the process of getting Kaitlyn enrolled. The Kindergarten test was way to easy for her, so she also ended up taking a first grade test. Now we are waiting to see what they suggest for her. Do we put her in Kindergarten age classes and try and move her along the first couple of months faster than normal (which one person said was not possible but the academic adviser said yes it is possible to start her out on kindergarten and finish doing first grade stuff) or do we advance her to the first grade and really challenger her the whole year. With all that in mind we (meaning I of course) called a second option that does both a "public" school system and a "homeschool" option. They tested Kaitlyn into 3rd grade comprehension but of course she's not reading for that! She still has to take the math test to see where she tests on that. Arianna already took the Math test and tested into first grade, so I expect Kaitlyn to pretty much do the same. So we are still waiting to hear back from the first option and will see where we want to go with the schooling this year. We still have a lot of stuff (make that a TON) of stuff from last year to work on so I'll start there for now while we wait for "public" school to start.

The girls are also wanting to sign up for both 4H and Girl Scouts and we'd like them to take swim lessons as both girls are pretty much ready for that this year. Looks like we will have a very busy school year this year. Time to get the school room ready!! Which means daddy will need to straighten up his half of the room he's been using as his wood work area. Otherwise we can start off in the living room this year and decide what to do "schoolroom" wise.