Friday, September 7, 2012

Online school?

Yes, we'll give it a try. We signed up Kaitlyn for an online school, which in some ways is kind of frustrating in itself.  After a lot of back and forth, we finally were able to prove we lived here. Which I'm sure made our mortgage company very happy since I threatened more than once that if we don't
"really" live here, I'm not paying the mortgage any more! Same with a "real" credit card. Apparently if it says something like "Amazon" or "REI" or any number of other brands, it's NOT a "real" credit card. I'm sure Amazon and REI would be surprised to hear that, and yes I said if it's not "real" than why are we paying it, but I digress.

Today was her "first" day of online school, but only had a few things to do. We are waiting for her books and materials to arrive. So while we wait for those, we will continue with her "normal" stuff. Math, reading, writing, science, etc. One of the other frustrating things so far (but will give it a try and see how she does) is that the state only allows her in kindergarten because of her age. Even though she's pretty much past several of the things on the list for her to accomplish this year.  I've already heard the "give me something harder" statement twice today.

So I'll let her see how she does with the kindergarten thing only while supplementing her "school" with her current level of things. We'll give it a few months and see how it goes. Wish us luck...We may need it!