Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our school room

Mommy is changing our school room. Daddy is using the downstairs for lots of projects for me and Kaitlyn so he has his tools and wood piles going on down there. Mommy decided to go ahead and move things up to the "new" area since Sissy is using the computer for some of her classes now. We still get to use the white boards down stairs once mommy gets everything re-arranged down there (hopefully this weekend). We now have our own bookshelves just for us. Kaitlyn is getting even more books since she going to the online school. She's nice though and lets me look at her books as well! I can't wait until next year and I get to do online school as well (if we still like it at the end of the year).
Yesterday Mommy and Daddy took us shopping for art stuff and we made lists of things we wanted for this school year. Then we went to Costco and found great winter jackets in Pink for me and Purple for Kaitlyn. Mommy likes them because they were less than $30.00 for each, but I like them because they are our favorite colors! Then we had some samples. YUMMY. Then we went to the "real" food place and had hotdogs and a drink.
Kaitlyn had her first "live lesson" with her teacher today and we got to listen to him read from "Winnie the pooh". I got to listen too even though it was Sissy's class time. I also like to watch the video's on the computer with sissy! We are having fun!
Soon Omi and Opa will be visiting and we have some "field trips" and "projects" planned while they are here! We are so excited they will be here soon! This past weekend we went out to the apple tree's in the back and found lots of birds! The humming bird flew right above my head and I got to listen to the wings go really FAST! We even got a picture of it but Mommy hasn't downloaded it to the computer yet. She says she will right after she takes pictures of our "new" classroom and can post them as well! She says maybe tomorrow we can post the pictures.