Monday, February 18, 2013

All about Chicks...

well almost all. We were doing really well getting back on track after Omi and Opa left after their visit, then we came down with colds. Nobody was a happy camper last week! Thankfully we are all feeling better now. Which is really good since we did something we'd been planning for a long time! We got chicks!!
We got Barnevelders, Ameraucana, Silkies and a couple of showgirls. We are almost done with maybe just one more variety planned. We did get more than we want since we have to plan on getting rid of anything that turns out to be boys! I figured I'd rather have them have to leave because we have to much than try and introduce more when they are older. Right now they are in a cardboard box in the dog kennel in the garage room, while we are putting together the bigger brooder that will eventually turn into the outside chicken coop. We also picked up all the fencing except for the shorter stuff that will go around three sides of the coop. The girls are very excited and so is the dog! The dog now asks to go check on the "babies". If he even thinks we might open the door for him to see he's right there waiting for us! We do have a couple of them named but will take some individual pictures of them and put names with them this week and then post some of them. The girls love sitting down next to them to keep an eye on them.
We also got part of the fruit tree's pruned this weekend, some of the grass cut, and of course some time sitting around and enjoying some time off. The girls did swimming on Saturday and they are now swimming with their heads in the water and have figured out exactly what they are supposed to do with their arms (more or less), they just have to figure out how to co-ordinate their breathing into it as well!
Big Brother also got his parakeet and has named him "Sora" and Sora is finally settling in and has found his voice. Which just happens to be LOUD! Thankfully Sora sleep all night and so far has only been vocal during the day. Now of course depending on where we are sitting in the house, we aren't sure which birds are being noisy: the baby chickens or the parakeet! They do sound very similar at times!
This week the girls have Girl Scouts, swimming, 4H and a field trip to the big city planned. Guess it's a good thing we got over the colds since we are hitting the ground running this week!