Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just keep swimming, swimming.

Just keep swimming. Well, that's what the girls think! They started their "final" swim lessons of the school year last night and advanced two group levels. It was actually funny as the "co-ordinator" saw them sitting on the side of the pool and tried to send Arianna to the "stair" section for the  4 & 5 year olds, however after talking to Hubby she made the girls swim to another instructor to see where they were and off they went! She looked at them and sent them to the other side of the pool with the older kids. They are now the youngest and smallest of their swim group but are holding their own! Now we just have to make sure they swim enough over the summer that they don't lose where they currently are! Will have to check the pool schedule to make sure they have a couple of times during the week after work to do a family swim. The girls were very excited and happy to be "advanced" to another level, now it they'll only settle down and pay attention a little more!