Thursday, August 1, 2013

Arriving in Texel

 We got the chance to visit a little more of The Netherlands and the girls got their first ferry ride.
The ferry ride was windy of course but the girls really enjoyed it. Once we arrived at our final destination it was on to the beach and meeting some of the local wildlife.                                

 These gentlemen hung outside our cottage and were a lot of fun to watch. They'd meet up on top of the dune next to the cottage, do their  head bobbing "I'm bigger than you" male dramatics and then calmly walk down the hill together and go in different directions.
 This visitor got a lot of reaction from the girls as well. All you had to do was say rabbit and they'd run to the window to watch. (Yes, I know it's a hare, but the girls think it's funny to call a bunny  a "hair". LOL)

Our first day the girls even got to go get their faces painted! It didn't last long once it was dry though. Guess it got a bit itchy! 

 They had a fun time exploring the area...


Then it was back to the cottage for dinner and bed. They had a fun filled day and more adventures to come!