Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Life with chickens...

Is never boring. The girls went out to let the chickens out this morning, then opened the hatch to check for eggs and came running in to tell me there was a "dead chicken foot" in the nesting boxes...I said "there's what?" yep, I made them repeat it. A "dead chicken foot" in the nesting boxes. Then they went on to explain that all the chickens in the chicken run had both feet so they weren't sure where said "dead chicken foot" had come from.
I went out to the coop and looked in the nesting box and sure enough there was one chicken foot sticking up on the side...and still attached to a chicken (thankfully). I had to get a piece of small wood to pry said chicken leg out from between two pieces of wood that she had some how managed to land it in. As soon as I got it loose our "dead chicken foot" flew out the coop door into the chicken run. Now, she didn't want to stand on it and there was a little bit of blood from where she had scraped it so I did pick her up and separate her from the rest of the girls. She is now recuperating from her ordeal in the cat carrier with some food and water and seems to be doing fine. It doesn't look broken, and she is starting to move around so I don't think it's really hurt bad.  I'll keep her contained for a day or two to make sure she's doing well and make sure the blood is gone before reintroducing her back into the coop.
All I can say is that I'm so glad I didn't have to find a dismembered body out in the coop this morning.