Monday, August 26, 2013

Our next unit study....

While the girls are doing a fast unit study on dinosaurs, I'm already getting stuff ready for the next unit study. The next one is our solar system.
I found this neat rocket ship/fort for inside (at half price no less!) and a very cool floor puzzle as well. The Black poster boards going across the wall is the future home of our own project using cut outs from the learning page (link in our fun website page). We'll need to pick up some glow in the dark paint and some glow sticks for the final project for it which the kids will love!
I'm also trying to decide if I should warn Omi and Opa that they get to help with some science projects! The girls get to make a volcano in the backyard and blast off some homemade "rockets" as well! It's gonna get MESSY!! So I guess I'll warn Opa to bring some "don't mind if it gets stained or messy" clothes! Experiments we are doing are out of the book "The Book of Totally Irresponsible science. 64 Daring experiments for young scientists" by Sean Connolly. There are two exploding (volcano/geyser) experiments, a rocket experiment and moon bounce experiment to be done while they are visiting.  This should be Fun!!