Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam

We visited the Rijksmuseum and walked around Amsterdam some...
The girls actually liked the Rijksmuseum, of course they both wanted to sit in exactly the same place, so you get two pictures for the price of one. LOL.

 The girls loved the fancy doll houses (which cost about the same as a REAL house!)

 Arianna wants the fancy violin...
 While Kaitlyn loved the fancy cabinets!
 Both of them want a great big ship like this one though!
After the Rijksmuseum it was time to walk around Amsterdam some...and we found a carnival. Right in front of the Palace no less!
Of course that also meant we got to stop for treats...

Of course I think the girls ended up with it all over their faces (or at least the same amount as they ate!)
Then it was through a little museum and the courtyard..
One of the funniest things...
Anyone ever notice that "The Bulldog" one of Amsterdam's famous "coffee shops" is in an old Police station?? LOL!!