Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My youngest daughter asked which dinosaurs are the therapods. I had to look the definition of  therapods up. The definition says they are "a diverse group of bipedal saurischian dinosaurs." I had to look up saurischian as well! The girl LOVES her dinosaurs. 

The Tyrannosaurus seems to be the favorite! The picture above is from Science Kids 
another cool website to check out (link can also be accessed from the cool, fun and educational page)

Here's a link to Therapod info from UCMP - Berkley While some of it's above the kids' heads the kids loved learning about the different classifications.

We are also in the process of changing around a little on the classroom organization as we found we needed more space for a file cabinet to keep things filed. We are getting so much stuff together that the only way I'll keep things straight this year is with a lot of up-to-date files!

Tomorrow is another play day if the weather will agree. Several homeschooled kids are getting together at the park up the road so the kids would have  a ball meeting a bunch of new people.

I also had to pull out the calendar and count the days until Omi and Opa arrive! The girls are starting to get excited that it's not that far away!