Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Zoo Day

We decided a couple of weeks ago we'd try and hit a zoo day since the girls hadn't gone for awhile and since Dominic had an appointment just a couple of miles away from there that today would be a great day to do so. It also helps that it's a discount day at the zoo and admission was only $4 per person (Dominic was free).

It started out pretty chilly when we left home but by the time we'd gotten to the appointment and then over to the zoo things had started warming up a bit.

We were lucky enough that the birds were out being shown while we were there and we got an up close and personal visit with some of them.

The Red Tail Hawk

A very cute owl
And this guy...or girl...
And my favorite, the little American Kestrel. Isn't he pretty!
The girls caught someone just chilling...
and decided to monkey around on their own instead.

We caught a couple of guys we hadn't seen in a long time...

And Dominic..Well Dominic spent his first ever visit to the zoo, pretty much like this...
We couldn't even get him to wake up. LOL. Slept through the whole darn thing. I guess there's always next time. I love it when they finally get old enough to really get curious and excited about seeing things! We'll have to go once he's hit that age. Hopefully he'll enjoy it as much as the girls did.