Sunday, September 1, 2013

Last week of summer...

 No swimming this week and still had lots to do! We had playdates Monday and Thursday, A trip up to the "big city" on Friday. Started getting our post cards out on Monday and while we only started swapping postcards this week we already have a good start!

The girls are so excited everyday to see if they have received more in the mail! I sat down this weekend and filled out another 32 postcards to go out in the mail on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday here in the U.S.). We also signed up to do a couple of other swaps and I'll describe those later this week as I get everything together for them and will let you see what they are all about.
We've also started getting more and more eggs from our chickens.

We are averaging about 8 a day now! We gave two dozen eggs to a new friend and we still have 6 dozen in the fridge! Time to start investigating egg recipes!
On Friday while up in the big city, we stopped by Costco and found they were out of the big laminated wall U.S. and World maps we wanted for the school room (Darn!) but found they had something else we were interested in as well...

A rocket kit, a volcano kit and a rock and gem dig kit! Yeay!! Although Arianna would have been even more excited if they'd also had the dino dig as well.
Saturday the chicken coop started getting painted and weatherized for the winter. The coop now looks awfully white but we have some idea's on changing that in the near future and the kids will have a ball doing it as well! I'll make sure I take pictures of the project while they are completing it.
The girls are of course very excited that their Oma and Opa will be here before to long. They are already having me do a count down until they arrive.
Another busy week ahead of us as we "officially" kick off the school year. Another trip (or two) to the big city is also planned so we'll have to switch things around a bit!
Not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow I've heard the weather might not be the best. So it might be a day for cleaning up the kitchen again and get some canning going!