Sunday, February 23, 2014

Over the weekend...

Friday night we discovered the hot water heater wasn't working, so first thing Saturday the plumber was out to replace some parts to at least keep it working until something could be ordered, delivered and installed. Thankfully it doesn't take long to get one to the house, so we'll have one delivered and installed this week.
In other news, with all the fieldtrips I've been planning for the myriad of different groups, and since many people won't know me on sight but need to check in with me at the start of the trips the girls and I came up with an idea. Shirts. Yep, special shirts so everyone will know that I'm the person to check in with. Today we picked up the shirts. The girls and I immediately started working on them so that they would stand out in some way and just a little while later we had the shirts all ready.

The girls had so much fun decorating the shirts, they want to do their own as well. I told them we'd get a couple of shirts for them to do this week. While they are waiting for the shirts, Kaitlyn and I have a couple of sewing projects to do: Kindle covers.
We are making our own kindle covers for when we have to take them with us somewhere and want them to have a little more protection (and yes, we know you can buy them, however, they are good practice for Kaitlyn!). So we picked up a couple of different patterns/solid colors. The pattern on the front, the solid on the back.

Of course the purple is for the girls, the green/stripe is for mine. Kaitlyn also picked up two other small sheets so she could make a little handbag and a couple of outfits for her barbie.
Since we had to run upto the home store, I checked out their plant clearance area and found a couple of plants for both the girls and I.
The girls got African Violets. A pink for Arianna and a purple for Kaitlyn.
I picked up a coffee plant (which made the girls laugh), plus one more. With our discounts we basically paid for the hot water heater and everything else including the plants were free. After that it was home, clean out the chicken coop, run to the feed store and pick up 3 bags of chicken food (it was on sale).
Sunday morning it was getting laundry done while we still had hot water, while that was going I also found some old "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego" video's to see if the girls like them. Lots of fun ways to learn geography and points of interest/history for the kids!
Started looking at our schedule for this week. Not as busy as last week thankfully! We do have something almost everyday, but  at least two of them are play days with kids. Music lessons, fieldtrip, blueberry pickup. Lots of reading as the girls are moving into a couple of new area's. They want to learn about Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greek, along with the ancient gods of both civilizations. That on top of starting the French lessons will make it a busy but FUN week!