Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dutch Kings Day...

With the younger kids being half Dutch, we thought it would be fun to celebrate Kings Day. This is the first "Kings" day in 4 generations! It's been "Queens" day for all that time! And will again with the next generation as he has all girls!
So The Dutch Society in Portland put on a Dutch Kings Day celebration and we attended. It was a bit of a drive into almost "uncharted" territory for us. I've only been in that area of the city once so we left with enough time to spare in case I got lost. It wasn't that bad and even had Hans there early for his "shift". He volunteered to do an hours worth of work and ended up working the haring cart (raw fish, raw onions, and eat).

We got signed in and the girls were off! First stop...CROWNS...What else for Kings day!

The girls had a ball designing their own crowns and the nice lady at the craft table even made one for Dominic..
And yes, it was on less than 10 second. LOL.
After the crown crafts it was looking at a couple of the booths and they found a game to play!

Kaitlyn did better than Arianna, she's a bit more patient and plans a bit more where as Arianna just goes for it. Then it was off to find Daddy!

After checking in with Daddy at the haring cart it was outside to play some games!

They both did great! Then it was over for balloon stomping!
Of course Kaitlyn and Arianna were the youngest in their group and lasted all of maybe 5 seconds..not even long enough to get a picture. They had fun though and that's what matters. After balloon stomping it was another game and then finally....COOKIES!!

The goal is to eat them off the string..Without using your hands. Arianna got disqualified the first time, she used her hands and of course "won" the race so they made her play again...And she still won! LOL. One bite and the cookie came off in her mouth! I think Kaitlyn did it in 3 bites. But was still the first one done in her group.
Time for some real food...

Traditional Dutch Treats! Yummy! Heck, even Big Brother got in on the action for the day...
We did decide that since a lot of people had on their Dutch orange shirts for the occasion and we had such a hard time trying to find some...That our next trip (in the planning stages now) We will have to buy everyone a Dutch orange shirt for next year!