Monday, May 12, 2014

Usborne Books...

One of our favorite books is the Usborne IL (Internet Linked) Children's Encyclopedia. The girls take it everywhere! It's been pretty much everywhere the girls go (including Europe).

 Now that the kids are getting a little bigger and wanting more information on subjects I met up with a woman to see the bigger books...The Encyclopedia World Geography, World History and Science as well as the Encyclopedia of World Religions. Considering how much we liked the first one, I figure the new ones will be favorites as well! We so look forward to getting them in a few days! Since It's so hard to find a local person who sells them, I also signed up as a consultant for them. If you're not familiar with Usborne books check them out. Here's a link to my consultant page You can order online, or if you have questions feel free to contact me!Now I promise I won't be posting a ton about Usborne, but I did want people to know. We're still a homeschool/open letter blog :)