Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fun mail week already!

So it's been a busy week with the mail and arrivals!

We received our new Ipad mini! We finally had to give in..While we love our kindles, the apple devices just have way more available for quality educational apps for the kids.  We have our older ipods but some of the stuff we really, REALLY wanted were for Ipad only. The girls are all excited since they will each have their own kindles and will get to "share" the ipad with me. We are looking forward to seeing what all we can find for the ipad!
In other news. I also received these...
I got free samples of their work from here...http://www.thephonicsroad.com/
It looks like a really nice program, if you are completely secular and don't want ANY thing that mentions bible, etc. than you might want to stay away from them. The program looks a little pricey, but if your really wanting something like this it does look like an excellent program. I am curious to see the Critical Thinking Company's Word Root series link here..http://www.criticalthinking.com/word-roots.html  We actually talk about some of the word roots already so the girls might find that more interesting at their age. I've had several people say they really like Critical Thinking Co. stuff, so I'm hoping to try some out this year.
This week one of my new consultants got their big kit and I got a chance to look through some more of the books! What a treat! (Yes, I'm a book nerd and happy to admit it!)
These books are great for a beginner reader/writer. The Ted and Friends book has about 12 short stories that the girls are already asking me to read with them! They read a few pages out of it and decided they really enjoyed the stories and that we should probably add it to our list for them for this year.  The Wipe clean First words book is really nice and practices writing spelling, etc. very nice since you can just wipe it off and reuse as often as you want!
These were perhaps my favorites! The See inside your Body looks great! Very well put together. It does have flaps to look under and I didn't want to open them since it's not our book but I can't wait to order our own and go through it. The math book is FANTASTIC!! I have to admit I'm horrible at math so this book for me is great. I did have my "math head" hubby look it over as well and he was pretty impressed with how much they covered. It's a great reference book when you go "What was the formula for that again?" which I'm sure to do in the future. It goes from basic numbers to discussing shapes, space and measures to algebra and geometric constructions and TONS more! Even better IT HAS INTERNET LINKS!! Yes, I get excited with internet links. LOL! I love being able to go to the quicklinks and find out more about subjects. I can't say enough about these books! Loved all three of them.
Also in the kit are some fun reading books for infants to highschoolers. I'm going to order some of the "not my" series of books for Dominic. They are fun touch books and pretty darn cute.
Also in the mail today was our free trial stuff for the Ayn Rand books. I haven't read it yet so I'm not going to post anything until I do. I'm hoping to do some of it over the weekend and I'll let you know what I think. I also have a couple of other people reading it to get their viewpoint as well.
We have a "field trip" tomorrow so I'm sure we'll be posting some pictures soon! Looking forward to some fun stuff!