Wednesday, July 9, 2014

History test!!

Yep, I'm giving you guys a test..I was talking in the store with my oldest (21) and his best friend that lives with us over the summers between college terns..and I'm not sure how it came up but I was absolutely appalled at their lack of knowledge in American history...So I'm wondering how much American history WE are familiar with...
So without looking/researching do you recognize or understand the following names/references
1) George Armstrong Custer
2) Buffalo Bill
3) Don't drink the kool-aid
4) Trail of Tears
5) Billy the Kid
6) Westward Expansion
7) Black Kettle
8) Sand Creek Massacre
9) Sally Ride
10) Calamity Jane
11) Pony Express
12) Prohibition
13) Geronimo (the Name and who he was)
14) George S. Patton
15) Tuskegee Airmen
16) Tuskegee experiment
17) Black sheep squadron
18) Pappy Boyington
19) Eliot Ness
20) Contract with America

Now, don't give the answers - Grade yourselves and let me know your score:)

Now I gave several of the boards I'm on for homeschooling this list and I loved the response it got! The average score was between 13 - 15/20..with some as low as 5/20 and a few got 17 or better! So how did you stack up?