Saturday, July 5, 2014

more freebies...

Woot. I love freebies!
This we got from
The teacher resource guide is great. It has activities, games, labs, question and answer prompts. I LOVE it!

It talks about the Nitrogen cycle (with a 2 day activity and game), Elasticity of flours (using cake flour, unbleached all purpose, bread lour and bread flour with gluten added), an acitvity that students can use to learn scientific investigation and compares the effects of nutrient nitrogen on early stage  growth of corn, then another project looks at photosynthesis,  and more!!

Lots of GREAT information! We received 5 posters (life cycles of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus as well as a periodic table of elements) some cards to play the games, magnets, a USB, small rulers and much much more.

Probably good for the 5-8th grade but adaptable to both the younger and older crowd! Some help will be needed for the younger kids as some chemical equations for elements are used that may confuse them.

I also saw a book from Usborne (my webpage, if you have a Usborne consultant call them up and ask about the book!)
That contains three section: Biology, physics, and chemistry and is great for 8 and up. I love it and it's been ordered and is on the way! I can't wait to start working thru it with the girls!