Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Freebies....

We got some more freebies in the mail this week...
First up our coal samples..
 Nice size samples, labeled and an sheet telling you about the differences in the samples. Very nicely put together and would make a great supplement to a geology course unit study. We got it from:

Also this week...
This is a fun kit from the EPA and has some nice idea's on recycling activities, etc. The girls are already looking thru the different activities and can't wait to do some of the activities!

This week a friend purchased some of the Usborne Math stuff and I took a look thru the stuff and have them on my list for the kids for our next order (Reminder: I am a consultant for Usborne for those who are not aware. I do it mainly for our own books but I do talk about Usborne products on the page when I find stuff I'll be using for schooling :) )
The kids started working on Multiplication this year but these kits and workbooks are a great way to reinforce what they've already learned and to start building on their current level. Usborne has them in addition and subtraction as well as the multiplication. I already knew I loved the Dictionary of Math, and they have a couple of other math books that I'll order and go thru as well. I also ordered some of the "return to" books that Usborne just came out with.  They are Return to the Lost World, Return to King Solomon's mines and Return to 20,000 leagues under the sea. I can't wait to see them. (Yes, I ordered them for me. LOL). I think the kids will like them as well when they are a tad bit older and can read them for themselves. The books are for 12 and up I believe although I could see 10 and over.
This week we have some fun stuff planned and we are starting to look forward to our upcoming trip! Dominic is now an "official" walker. He can make it all the way across the living room and is now finding that walking is just as fast as crawling (He was walking on occasion, but if he wanted to get somewhere fast he'd drop back into a crawl) so he's on his feet most of the day now. He's also trying to cut back on his naps, which on occasion makes for an unhappy camper.
We have another busy week ahead of us in multiple ways. The hubby is having to work a day every weekend until we leave, which of course will also make his vacation feel a lot nicer but it's still going to be a tiring few weeks for all of us.
The girls are sitting down and "firming up our list" of things they want to do while we are on the trip. They are still holding off on packing, but barely. We also have a couple of days ahead of us on picking and preparing some apples! Looks like the tree's are almost ready to go! I'll be cleaning up the kitchen and pulling out all the equipment this weekend and start picking and processing  Monday. I'll have to check to see if the pears are about there as well and start picking  those as well!