Saturday, July 12, 2014

Trip to the coast...

The beach is for the birds...or at least that seemed to be Dominic's take on things today. He enjoyed watching the waves. He didn't seem to enjoy the sand however and insisted on climbing all over us in an attempt to remain off the sand. This got pretty comical at times and after having hair yanked, coats crabbed, a "don't even try to put me down" look and some I'll sit on your back while watching the waves if you lay down..he still refuses to even think about putting his feet on the sand. This is in sharp contrast to his sisters who at a very early age decided that the sand was great and might even taste good as well (they didn't think so for long however).

We got up and got packed with the hopes of some kite flying since I was delivering some Usborne books to a friend at the coast and Hubby had mentioned it'd been a while since we'd been able to go flying. So of course we got there and there was almost no wind whatsoever..the 2nd trip in a row! We couldn't believe it! Ah well, we enjoyed the waves and relaxing for a while anyway.

It was a nice cool overcast day in contrast to home which was a fun (not) 94ish...We might even get some thundershowers tomorrow! Which would be nice since right now we have that hot muggy weather which needs a good thundershower to knock it out of our area.

The girls saw some of the books I was delivering today and are now asking me if they can have some of the same books! We did get a couple for us a fun sticker book for the girls, an "under the sea" lift and look book for Dominic, a "when you are camping" book for everyone and a set of the "100 things for little children to do on a trip" wipe-clean activity cards for the upcoming trip. Of course we also got the "what's science all about" book for the girls that covers physics, biology and chemistry! Lots of fun, easy to understand and some fun pictures to go with it! LOVE IT!!!

Only a couple more weeks of the Usborne special for joining..big kit for the small kit price (which means even if you just signed up for the books for yourself your getting a huge discount! and no having to sell after you get them unless you want to!) I can almost kick myself for not waiting to join!  LOL. If you haven't seen the kits they are's a link so you can check it out..

Other than that, tomorrow is some gardening, transplanting some starters, and maybe a fun afternoon of sitting back and watching the thunderstorms..the girls and I got caught in a big one last summer and they loved it. We were in the grocery store when it started and the boom was HUGE..They thought  seeing the lightening was pretty cool. The first storm they can remember seeing. They are hoping for a good one!!