Sunday, August 24, 2014

Go Karts!!

Go Karts?! Yep, Go Karts! My girly girl thinks she wants to do Go Karts! So we went out to watch them go around the track a few times today and now she seems even more convinced this is something she wants to do! She had a great time watching them with Daddy once he got home as well. She's pretty sure she wants a purple one and she saw some pretty cool helmets while there as well.
We also got the girls new ID's ordered from Road ID. They've had the dog tag style for awhile and this time they actually got to pick a wrist variety. We love our Road ID's!! Highly recommend for anyone!
Hotel rooms for the night before we leave and the night we get home. The Airlines changed our return flight so we are coming in later than we wanted and we don't want a 10 hour flight then an hour and a half drive home in the dark.
The girls are almost all packed. They had to use a couple of things out of it today, but we'll go over the bags one last time next weekend, and then put them away until we leave for the hotel. We took a look at their weather and it's a lot cooler than here at this point so we need to make sure we take enough long sleeves, which of course means we'll probably have summer type weather the whole time! Isn't that way it usually works?
Lots of stuff coming up the next couple of weeks and then a nice long vacation before we jump back into the swing of things!