Saturday, October 11, 2014

All kinds of stuff going on!

So we made it back home to the states and are slowly trying to get back to "normal". Of course we've only been home a day now and well "normal" just doesn't seem to fit with the family. We get home and my oldest has decided to go to work with his dad and will be flying out in a week to Florida! We wish him the best of course while we will miss him! Can't wait to find out how he likes living in that area.
The list of things to catch up on is huge and daunting at times but we will slowly work through everything. Then of course with Josh moving out we have some "extra" space so we can re-organize (again!) and have some more room for everyone. That does mean that we can get Josh's room all ready for the girls and get Dominic into his own room and get his stuff out of the front room. Which of course also means we get to paint and decorate a couple of bedrooms, so the girls are excited again about their "new" room they'll be having.
I also have a bit more posting about our trip to do which I'll try and accomplish in the next day or two as the weather is going to be rainy and I won't be working outside like I'd originally hoped! We've also already made our first trip to Lowe's, our home away from home and picked up another 9 cube shelving unit and will get one more before long so we can finish organizing the living room. We've already made a couple of changes to what we think we will do for long term living room set up, although this time it wasn't me with the change in idea's so I can't be blamed for this one! LOL.