Wednesday, October 15, 2014


We headed down to Leiden on Thursday, after we found out that the museum would be closed on Friday for the local festivities. You can read more about WHY they celebrate Oct. 3rd here. Since the festivities were moving in, and we were going to have other plans on Saturday, we headed on over! The girls enjoyed their first train ride short as it was and before we knew it we'd arrived in Leiden.

 They have a WONDERFUL exhibit! I thought the kids would really enjoy the Ancient Egypt one (and they did) but they really, really liked the Ancient Greece exhibit! Guess we need to finish up the Ancient Egypt stuff and get a move on to Greece!
We did find a wonderful little book in their shop (after having some coffee and a delicious slice of pie) that we purchased for the girls. Has all kinds of wonderful activities to do on Ancient Egypt but of course it's all in Dutch! So Dad and the girls have some projects to complete together as well as some that I had already planned for them. I did find a couple of things for them for Ancient Greece as well, but since those looked like we could get them here in the states I didn't purchase them (I figured we were already running out of room on our take home bags!).
The day was a bit overcast (as you can see in this picture) but no rain!
We really lucked out in the weather department while we were visiting The Netherlands! Some days were just beautiful, and only two days had a little bit of sprinkles! The weather wasn't as hot as we had at home so it was (at least for us) a great just "warm enough" temp that we could wear sweaters but anything heavier would have been to hot.
We had a great day at Leiden and another short train trip home. Our next big adventure would be visiting Van Gogh!