Monday, February 9, 2015

Search and Rescue

We had a fun field trip with Search and Rescue! We've done the fire station visit, the police department visit, but this was something a little different! We worried that we wouldn't be able to do it today because it had been storming all night/early morning. I went out and checked the location before breakfast to make sure we'd be able to do it and thankfully the covered area was dry enough that we could! It also helps than about 45 minutes before the meet up it stopped raining and the sun even peeked thru a tiny bit to help dry things up. We got there a little early and got some energy out before the meet up started.
We were on the play ground when we saw the Sheriff vehicles and search and rescue show up! Dominic was so excited! He immediately wanted to go see the vehicles. He would stand there looking at them, clinch his fists and start his funny little laugh. The kids had a ball playing in them while we waited for the others to show up.
Once we got started Keith (our Search and Rescue contact) asked the kids if they knew what search and rescue does. Kaitlyn popped in with you help people who are lost and rescue them. Arianna just looked at them and said "yeah, you "search" and then rescue". LOL. So after a short discussion on what Search and rescue does, Who the people are (all volunteers) and some of the things they do Keith introduced us to "spirit" one of their Search and Rescue dogs and his handler. After showing us how they search for people a couple of the kids got to play "hide and seek". Kaitlyn was up first and went and hid behind some bushes and Spirit got to come and find her and show us how if this was a real situation Spirit would let his handler know he hand found someone. Then one of our new friends got to go hide as well and Spirit found him pretty easily as well. Then we sent out Arianna out the farthest and had Spirit go and find her. All the kids had a blast and enjoyed learning about search and rescue and of course the dog teams! After a little more talking we got a chance to see some more of their equipment and each of the kids got to sit on the ATV on the back of the Sheriff's Truck.