Monday, February 2, 2015

Trying to catch up!

It's been a while! With holidays, activities, visit from family, and everything else. The last post had Kaitlyn just starting to do knitting, which she is loving! She also received a new beginner sewing machine from her Omi in January while Omi and Opa visited and has completed her first shirt! Shes having a ball with it! Will post pictures of that later.

In December we had a busy month!The girls had their first music recital and had a nice time! They did well and can't wait to do another one!

We also had a nice fieldtrip to the Oregon Zoo and stayed for Zoo lights...

The girls had a great Christmas and were so excited to get their presents! Kaitlyn of course got stuff for sewing, fashion and designing etc. and Arianna got her Microscope and slides. They got to share a few things we brought back from the Netherlands with us (game, book, etc) and a snap circuit set which they absolutely love!

In January we re-started the Science/DIY club so that has kept us busy. We got the girls room started painting and I just need to do a tiny bit of touch up and then move them back into their room! Then its moving Dominic into his room! Then we drew up plans for the bonus/finished garage room that we think will work for everyone involved. So thats the big project this next week. Cleaning out the storage room.

We has a fast trip to Salem for a Discovery India exhibit. It was small but had some nice information
We also had a Fire Station field trip!

Then the girls got new bikes from Omi and Opa! So exciting!
Both girls got the same bike (color and everything!) so we needed a way to tell the bikes apart...

The girls have started practicing on their bikes almost daily and we've even started a bike club for homeschoolers in our area! They are having a great time!
This week we have a couple of meetings and then a fieldtrip to meet some local Search and Rescue volunteers! Should be lots of fun! We are hoping they have a dog team at the fieldtrip! Girls also got new swimsuits and are starting to swim a couple of days a week. So we are getting back to a somewhat normal schedule! Lots of fieldtrips coming up and a valentines party as well! February looks like a busy month and we are already doing a lot of planning for the warmer months as well!