Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nature walks and a Birthday party

Omi and Opa have been visiting so it's been a little quieter than it normally is around here. So we took one day and went for a nature walk at the wildlife refuge. Ari found a tree that had been downed by a beaver and thought it was pretty cool!

During our walk we also found these guys..
What guys? Let me get a close up....
There was probably over 50 in the group!
Dominic got a little "Opa time"
and the girls got a surprise quiz!
They did really well figuring out the pelts (coyote, bobcat, nutria and beaver) and even did pretty good on the skulls (coyote, bobcat and deer). They had a pretty nice time and a couple of days later it was time to celebrate a birthday (a little early).
We headed down to the lake and met up with some friends (15 kids and 9 adults at last count!),

 we did some kayaking and as expected Dominic took a little nap..
We made sure to put him in the shade away from the water. Also discussed the idea of just putting a kayak into his room for a bed since he sleeps so well on them ;)

I did wake him up in time for his cake..
All in all it was a pretty nice day! Dominic had a great time!