Saturday, December 17, 2011

A little at a time...

It's been a while since our last post! The girls have been working hard (and sometimes hardly working). Kaitlyn started going to a daycare/preschool a couple of days a week to get some time away from her younger sister. She does enjoy it, but still really loves her "homeschool" classes as well. Arianna for her part loves some one on one time with mommy while sister is away.
This week we got our work done and I got to plan where we want them to be by the end of the year next year. We also found that several places require a "school name" even if you homeschool. So we are now working on developing a "school name" as well as a mascot (the butterfly of course! What else would two little girls agree on) and school colors, which I'm sure are really hard to pick out (pinks and purples are pretty much a given).
I have already shot down a few suggestions on school names: Sparkle rainbow butterfly just didn't sound very "official" and the hubby's suggestion of: Weno Nothing School of Knowledge just didn't sound right. LOL. I did however, find a reference online to a home school already named "Dewey Hafta" so maybe "Weno Nothing" isn't to far off! Still, I think we will continue looking.
Things are starting to slow done for the next week, as the holiday's get closer and closer. The girls have a few projects they are still working on that need to get out in the mail, but hopefully by the end of the week things will be completely wrapped up for the year.
Happy Holiday's!