Friday, September 14, 2012

At the end of the day.

Yep. That pretty much tells you when everything showed up today. The girls were excited all day waiting for the deliveries. One showed up in the mail (but they can't see it as it's a surprise for them from Omi and Opa) and then FINALLY the school books showed up!

Here's how it kind of went today...

This is how I found Kaitlyn around noon. When I asked her what she was doing she turned around and said...

"I'm waiting for the delivery man!" About half an hour later they went out front to ride bikes and play. An Hour later it was to hot so they moved back inside. They still ran to the window everytime they heard something that could be the delivery truck.
Now, I have to tell you by this time I was seriously concerned with the health of said delivery man. I mean after all he was going to basically be mugged as soon as he showed up. The girls waited and waited and waited. Finally they went outside to the backyard to play. Little did I realize that she was climbing up on the side of the swing set to see over the fence everytime a truck made a noise. She came in running and yelling that the delivery guy was here before I even saw the truck pull up to the front! If your wondering, Yes, she also beat me out the front door and was waiting at the bottom of the trucks steps before he'd even pulled the boxes up to the front. He was very nice about it and let her carry the lighter weight box while he carried the heavy one up to the house.

Yep, both boxes where there. It took us a while to get through all the stuff and our living room floor looked like this before we were done...
Of course the girls wanted to do the painting, coloring, and clay stuff right away and were about to drive me nuts before everything had finally been put away!

It all fit and then some. The girls are all excited about it and hopefully will stay excited about it for longer than the weekend. They had a ball going through all the books and insisted on reading some of the books right away! The first book was a book with the months and a little kid who LOVED chicken soup with rice! It's already a favorite!