Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oregon Gardens Field Trip

Today we went to the Oregon Gardens in Silverton. What a nice place to go! We had lots of fun. In the water garden they had some fish. Some had long flowing tails and fins, while others had shorter tails and fins like these guys...
We really liked the look of the white fish up top! Mommy and Daddy both had a hard time trying to get a good picture of it though (they blamed it on the sun, but I'm not so sure!).
We also enjoyed finding some different types of frogs than we find at home. At home we find the pacific tree frog, but here in the gardens they have aquatic frogs (frogs that like to live in and near the water).

Some where pretty big and others like the little fellow in the bottom picture were pretty small, about the size of the bigger frogs we catch at home.  We sure would have liked to try and catch one of these!
We also got to take a short tram tour of the gardens, but didn't get very far. We found the Children's Garden and got off the tram right away!
In the Children's garden we found a "hobbit house" and played inside it a little bit.

We got to dig up (or in our case, bury) a dinosaur skeleton!
We think being a paleontologist could be a fun job! We also like the movie "Jurassic Park" and the show "Dinosaur train".  We think this could have been a T-Rex! Mommy said she thought it was awfully small to be a T-Rex. So we told her it's a baby one!

They had an "underwater" area. You can see Mr. and Mrs. Potts in the top picture even have snorkels on! When you are near the top of the water you can breath through the snorkel without having to take your head out of the water! There are even people who go scuba diving and they can go pretty deep and breathe from a tank. They can explore things like reefs and sunken ships! Wouldn't that be exciting! We would have to watch out for sharks though!
We can't wait until we can go again. We have a lot more left to explore there!