Sunday, September 30, 2012

Willamette Heritage Center Field Trip

On Saturday we went to visit the Willamette Heritage Center. What a wonderful little area of Oregon history! We lucked out that there was so much going on that day! We started out in the cafe since we got there a little after lunch time. The girls decided to try the lemon that was in my ice tea...

They both decided that plain lemons just wasn't very good at all! We had a nice lunch, then decided to watch the little movie they have about the history of the area. It was very informative and well done even though it only lasts about 14 minutes.  We then got a tour from a nice gentleman who showed us the buildings. The girls got to peek at a lot of the stuff, but had to be careful not to reach over the ropes or set off the alarms, which I think we must have tripped a couple of times. 
We then got to stop off at the blacksmith and check to see what he was doing!
The girls watched for a while and looked at some of the things they had laying out that the blacksmith would have made. They were pretty fascinated by the square nail. Arianna of course had to see if it was "pointy enough".  It was.
Then it was into the Mill for two different things. The first was the Kimono exhibit they currently have that runs to the end of December some time. They had some wonderful examples and pictures. The girls loved the kimono's and of course would like some of their own!

Arianna liked the pink one, while Kaitlyn, staying pretty true to form, loved the purple one!

We understand there is a bigger display of them in Portland, and hope to get there to see some more!
After visiting the Kimono exhibit it was on to a tour of the mill!

The girls got to see (and hear!) what it might have sounded like when the factory was running. LOUD! We also learned pretty fast why the workers would stuff their ears with cotton while they were there.  It was a great tour and the nice lady who gave it was very informative! I wish I remembered her name. After all that, we found a little petting farm that was visiting for the day with the 4H people. Kaitlyn and Arianna both got to hold rabbits, pet the horse and goat, then Arianna held a ferret.

Arianna liked the ferret, right up to the point she learned that ferrets would hunt rabbits! There was a lady holding a rabbit right next to her and as soon as she found out Arianna commented "I don't want to hold it anymore. I don't want the rabbit to get hurt!". Arianna also made sure to say hi to the chicken!
Guess we better make sure we save at least one space available for a rabbit next year!
All in all it was a VERY busy day and you could tell by the end of our visit that the girls were getting tired.
Hugs for Opa and then we headed out to dinner. I think everyone got an early bedtime though!