Thursday, October 4, 2012

Portland's Children's Museum

Spent a few hours at the Portland Children's Museum which is more of a play place than a museum. The girls had lots of fun, we started out doing some painting, puzzles, etc.

Then it was time to brush some teeth and tongues!

My what big teeth you have!

After finishing with the big alligator, it was on to the twilight trail.

and some clay play..
Omi and Kaitlyn did a great elephant!
Ari and Kaitlyn decided to play emergency but as you can see their ambulance didn't go to far! I think we will wait until they are at least in their 30's before we let them drive a car!
Maybe a train would work out better.
and then again, maybe not!
Arianna and Kaitlyn ended up going shopping and then cooked us some lunch...

They finished up with some rock climbing adventures..

(who says you can't rock climb in a skirt?!)
Then it was time for stories (Thank You to the nice lady who put up with their "just one more story" for half an hour!)
After a fun afternoon of playing we went out for dinner, saw Omi and Opa head off to the hotel before their flight this morning, and headed home. While we did get a few "are we almost home?" questions, no one fell asleep on the way home. In fact when we did get home it was a light snack and then out for our after dinner walk.
The girls are already missing Omi and Opa, and can't wait until their next visit!