Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin patch and other stuff

This weekend turned in to a BIG weekend. We got a new fridge, which needed to be decorated right away!

Once the fridge was in and working, we went off to the pumpkin patch.

First stop was the bouncy pumpkin, then over to the water races..

Sis decided some extra help was needed to "win" the race.
Then it was off to the train. This year they added a tunnel for the train to go through, the girls thought it was pretty cool!

After all that it was time to locate the perfect pumpkin.
Hey Mom! I can carry this one all by myself...
Or how about this one...
Nah, wait..maybe...Nope not this one. It's all bumpy.

Ah, this one will do...
Arianna on the other hand...
Hey, Mom. This one will do.

Arianna made up her mind FAST, then had to sit around waiting for Kaitlyn to find
"the perfect one".
Thankfully we got a ride on the tractor back to the entrance and headed home to have some yummy stuff. It also happens to be the ONLY thing in our new fridge's freezer section.

All in all we had a fun trip, but it sure didn't feel like fall going around the pumpkin patch in 80 degree weather with short sleeves and tank tops!