Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Class room additions and fun projects

After the pumpkin patch Daddy came home and finished up on the girls new classroom addition.
YEAY!! We now have a new "classroom table" a few more bench's are in the making as well so everyone will have a chair to themselves!
Since we had the nice table we decided to go ahead and finish our first fun project this school year. We had wanted to do this while Omi and Opa where here visiting, but just seemed to not get to it. That's okay, we already have stuff lined up for their next visit!
So we started putting together our bird feeders.
Got them finished after the epoxy paste had firmed up added the tops...
Kaitlyn held up the cables while we decided how much we needed.
Then They both helped pick out the branches to put them on.
and the final placement...
They are a little farther apart than it looks like in the picture. Now we are just waiting for the birds to discover their new feeding dishes!