Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Classes and groups.

Kaitlyn is so happy that she gets a new class added to her schedule. No, really, she's super excited! She gets to take an elective class for ASL (American Sign Language). Today's her first day and she gets to watch a short video on Hellen Keller. She also just found out that Mommy and some other really nice ladies are going to be trying to get a new Daisy troop for Girl Scouts started in the next week or so! The group will be about 10 little girls including them. They are so excited!
Then on top of that, she got her new school reading books in the mail yesterday and has already started reading them to us. She loves the new program. She's also almost finished with her Kindergarten science and social studies so she'll be able to start the next years stuff soon. Since all of the science and social studies stuff was pretty much review it's been going real fast. Hopefully she'll get her first grade stuff by the end of the month and can start learning some new stuff with the new curriculum in those classes.
Tomorrow is her first official fieldtrip with the school. They get an open house meet and greet with activities, book fair, lunch and she gets to meet her teacher for the first time! She can hardly wait!!