Saturday, October 13, 2012

First "official" field trip

We went down to the Open house for the online school. It was about an hour and a half drive but through some beautiful country. Of course it also decided to be the first day to actually rain! Kaitlyn got to meet her teacher and a couple of classmates. We have another field trip next week so hopefully she can meet a few more. They had a book fair running at the same time so the girls each picked out a couple of books and Mommy and Daddy picked out one for them as well. Then it was on to the "activities" which of course were all outside. Thankfully at that point the rain wasn't too awfully bad (it got worse later in the day).

Kaitlyn's teacher was doing a butterfly project from leaves and the girls had fun doing it. While she was there she was also asked to add her name to his sign. The first one! She of course wrote her name in great big letters right across his picture! LOL.
Then it was on to the pumpkin races!

Yep, that would be my youngest making everyone else "eat my dirt"!
After that it was time to have some food.
After that we decided to go ahead and head home. The rain was really picking up and we'd pretty much done what we wanted to do. This weekend the girls are making pretzels and doing some more projects hopefully this time the cat will stay off the project list.
I don't think he made it off the table without getting glittered!