Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tillamook Field Trip

We got up early and headed out to meet up with Kaitlyn's teacher and some classmates in Tillamook. It's a bit of a drive, but along some beautiful roads. We arrived in Tillamook at the Cheese Factory around 8:30 and had a chance to walk around a bit before everyone else showed up.
After everyone showed up we went through the tour of the cheese factory. The girls enjoyed watching them cut up and package the cheese.

I was worried for a little bit that I might have to find room in my fridge for a 40 pound block of cheese, but thankfully the girls decided that the smaller blocks (2 pound loafs) made more sense.
They really thought the "octopus" arms area was interesting. Of course the best part of the tour is getting to try samples of the cheese! Then you get to go into the store and taste the fudge as well!

Both girls wanted to stock up on all the cheese, but we got them down to just one package to try and then bought 1/4 pound slices of 4 different fudges to bring home with us as well. I don't think we ever walk out of there without buying fudge! It's one of Daddy's favorites! After picking up our cheese and fudge is was time to learn about the ice cream!
They showed us how it was made and how we can make it at home (they even give you a yummy recipe for vanilla ice cream) and then the best part...

Getting to eat it! Yummy!! Everyone really enjoyed our visit, and it'll be on the list for another visit over the summer I'm sure. We'd love to go through the scenic drive by the capes next summer and give the girls some opportunity to explore another section of the coast.

After visiting the cheese factory it was off to visit the local outdoor store before heading out to the Tillamook Forest Center.

As you can see it was back to "normal" fall weather in the pacific northwest! We came prepared however in raincoats and boots! So before the others arrived we headed out for a small hike.

We didn't get to far however, since we needed to be back and meet up with the teacher and even more classmates! The ranger took us out on a small hike "lesson" where she pretended to be the most UN-prepared hiker EVER!!

We have decided we should not ask her to go hiking with us since she has to stop every 15 feet because she is cold, hungry, thirst, lost or needs to go to the bathroom. The girls got a kick out of it however, and realize that planning for a hike is very important and what somethings we need to bring on our hikes are and what they do. Of course this probably means we will have to get new emergency blankets, poncho's, first aid kits, etc. before our next serious hike so everyone can carry their own supplies! Of course since the girls are both joining the girl scouts and are learning to "be prepared" it's a good first lesson!
Then it was back into the classroom to learn more about products that come from the forrest.
We finished up with a trip up to the top of the fire tower.

And yes, the only way to keep my sanity with two girls who think EVERYTHING must be climbed (including railing) is to make a rule that one hand must stay on the tower building while walking around the outside! We always enjoy a trip to the Forest Center and hopefully next summer can do a weekend camping trip to the area. There is so much more hiking trails for us to explore and some fun on the river on a hot day sure sounds like fun!