Saturday, November 3, 2012

Our first Girl Scout event..

We had our first big event with several troops from our area. The girls gathered coats for a community service project and then once those were all turned in they got to celebrate the birthday for Juliet Low the founder of the GSA. Kaitlyn put it a little differently when she told big brother what we were doing though, "We're going to a party and celebrating the birthday of a dead lady who started the Girl Scouts". Well I guess that's pretty accurate. They had pizza, a little bit of soda (they really don't drink soda, so it's a little weird for them) and then had a piece of cake. They also meet one of the girls who will be in their troop. They can't wait for their first troop meeting!
Today is doing some school. They are finishing up with Math in the next couple of weeks, then some new math books should arrive to take them a bit further.
We have a field trip this week with some other homeschoolers and then are planning another trip in December. There also might be a couple trips between those with their Girl Scouts and 4H groups. We are staying busy! The girls are already starting to hit their "wish list" for the Christmas season.
Today was pretty lazy other than a bit of cleaning, our normal Saturday activities were canceled due to team meets. The girls have put in about 3 hours of school today though. They've also been playing some educational apps on my Ipod touch. Keeps them busy and out of trouble!