Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Visiting an Olive Mill

and we didn't have to travel to Italy to do it. Instead we went local (somewhat anyway). It was a bit of an overcast day, but no rain so it's all good. The scenery from the nursery area was beautiful
We also got a chance to walk through their lovely little English style herb garden and see the fish in the fountain.
Big brother went with us and seemed to enjoy himself as well. We did try a leaf right off a Stevia plant and really liked it. The girls didn't try it, they thought it was to weird to eat leaves. They did promise if I got one for home they would try a leaf. So maybe next spring we'll add stevia to our purchase list.
The girls got to see how you harvest Olives from the tree's and had to check out fresh olives!
Big brother however, was the only one brave enough to try and eat one. He doesn't suggest it, just in case your wondering. We also had a chance to smell quince which we'd never done. It does smell nice and we might have to try a jelly or something from them if I can find some locally.
Kaitlyn even found a plant just for her
Purple. Who would have guessed?
We have  our first official Girl Scout meeting coming up, another field trip, a 4H meeting and swim lessons starting soon. Won't we be busy!! The girls are all excited about the different groups and love their new GS uniform. The girls are trying to help keep their activities scheduled so we don't forget anything.