Friday, December 7, 2012


Can't believe it's been awhile since we posted! Things are BUSY! The new curriculum arrived and is underway, then we had a few days of the icky's going around, Girl Scouts got started as well as 4H and Swim lessons are almost over for December already!

Had a fieldtrip to a game store which was a lot of fun and got some idea's for family game nights. The girls are starting some projects for show and tell and the fair displays. Shhhh, but they get rabbits for Christmas!

Today we've been doing a little school and playing a bit as well. We put up our Christmas tree (we usually do that the weekend after Thanksgiving, but with everything going on I put it off for awhile). The girls are hoping to make cookies over the weekend as well so we have a busy next couple of weeks then things will be really slow for a couple of weeks over the holidays and then back to business!

Trying to figure out some fieldtrips for after the first of the year and then of course Omi and Opa will be here for a visit! The girls are really looking forward to that!