Thursday, February 21, 2013

Family Project Day....

Hubby decided to work on Monday rather than take the holiday off, and stayed home Wednesday instead. Today turned into "Family Project day" and we all pitched in and built the HUGE brooder for the chicks.

Kaitlyn pitched in and learned how to use the screwdriver.
And while Kaitlyn helped out Arianna, took a break.
It took us about four hours to put it all together. Added in some pine shavings....
Put up the heat lamp, added birds and kids...
The brooder is 4 x 8 and will eventually become part of the chicken coop when the chicks are ready to move out to the "real thing". For now the chicks are having a great time in their new brooder.

Here's a look at one of the other Silkies. Her name is "bella" since Kaitlyn had already "stollen" Isabella, Arianna figured "bella" for the other would work.
and since the chicks got most of the attention Wednesday, Tuesday afternoon the girls made sure they played with the bunnies for awhile.

The bunnies also got lots of yummy treats like apple, banana and celery.
After putting the brooder and watching the chicks for a tiny bit it was time to start thinking about 4H. Our regular leader had to be gone and another lady and I were asked to take over. Thankfully the other lady was very familiar with the program and I just needed to help out here and there! We had fun, the kids got to "show and tell" all about their "pets". Since the real thing isn't allowed in the building most kids brought a stuffed animal. One little boy was very creative and had a wonderful "pet rock" which was highly decorated and even had a really cool mohawk! All the kids got a "medal" for participating! My girls are now really looking forward to the upcoming show n tell session with the "real animals".