Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Chick stories...

We've had the chicks for a little while now, and while we've been trying to get them used to us, nothing really seemed to be working. They ran to a corner of the brooder every time we walked into the "garage/storage bonus" room. So today we decided to take this in a different direction.
I'd been reading a bit on backyard chickens that chickens love treats. Well I couldn't make a trip to the store today for "crickets or mealworm" so I went with the other popular suggestion..."boiled eggs". Okay, feeding boiled eggs to a chicken seems, I don't know...rather cannibalistic. But being a good sport I thought I'd at least give it a try. Since I'd already completely emptied the brooder and put new pine chips in I figured this was as good a time as any to climb in with them. So after boiling some eggs, letting them cool off and then crumbling them really fine, Arianna and I climbed into the chicken brooder (see I knew there was a reason to have such a HUGE thing for them). I sat there with my forearms on the ground, egg in my palms and waited...and waited...and waited. Finally I put a little bit on the floor not far from my hands as they were curious they just weren't to sure about my hands being there. They tasted a tiny bit...and then finally one decided to grab a piece out of my hand and run for it. After that, it turned into "chicken-geddon" they went CRAZY! The next thing  you know we have all the chicks eating out of our hands, running around the brooder chasing each other, coming back for more, climbing all over our arms/hands and having an absolute ball! After eating a bit of it, they finally started settling down a bit and I figured it was time for us to make an exit. The chicks are now sleeping on a fully "egg" belly. Next time we do this, I'll have to have someone film it! It's very funny to watch them go ballistic over boiled eggs!